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1 day Parcare aeroport preturi

39.6 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
44 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

2 days Parcare aeroport preturi

49.5 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
55 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

3 days Parcare aeroport preturi

59.4 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
66 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

4 days Parcare aeroport preturi

69.3 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
77 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

5 days Parcare aeroport preturi

79.2 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
88 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

6 days Parcare aeroport preturi

89.1 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
99 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

7 days Parcare aeroport preturi

99 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata cu cardul
110 RonParcare aeroport Otopeni plata la locatie

For online reservation
and paying

shuttle service

between airport
and car park

and secure

24/7 security and patrols, night vision cameras


over 350
parking spaces


disasters or
force majeure

to the airport

parking within 3 minutes
from the airport


10% discount
for online payments

rezervare parcare Otopeni

1 - Book parking on website

dirijare catre destinatie prin Waze

2 - Driving intructions to parking by clicking Waze - Google Maps icon

bariera se va deschide

3 - Once at the parking log, you need to get closer to the barrier and it will open

parcati masina si cititi SMS-ul

4 - Park the car and read the SMS received on your mobile phone. Our driver will pick you up

masina de transfer

5 - The transfer car will take you to the airport

revenirea in tara

1 - Welcome back to the country! Please contact us for the transport.

sofer la terminalul de plecari

2 - Our driver will wait for you at DEPARTURES

ridicare masina din aeroport

3 - Pickup your car from the parking and check if you have anything to pay

plata la automat

4 - If you have not paid online, pay at the pay machine

intoarcerere acasa

5 - Stop in front of the barrier and it will open. Have a nice trip!

Leave your car safely at Oviale - Otopeni airport parking.

Always plan ahead and book a seat through Oviale in the Otopeni airport car park when you leave by plane and prefer to arrive at the airport by personal car. We have over 350 parking spaces from which you can choose and which you can book and pay in advance, so that, on the day of departure, parking and boarding the flight will be the easiest moments of the day.
Through the Oviale car park you we offer a range of parking services to make your arrival as easy as possible. Our main car park is conveniently located a few minutes from the entrance to the airport, giving you flexibility and no worries about flying. If you want to travel from Otopeni Airport in the near future, we offer you a safe thing to rely on in these moments of uncertainty.

Benefit from free shuttle service after leaving your car in the car park near Otopeni Airport.

The procedure to use the Oviale car park is easy, friendly and safe. The parking lot near Otopeni Airport is accessible, monitored and closed non-stop, safety and comfort being the main advantages over the competitors. Once you have parked your car, Oviale offers free transport from the airport car park and vice versa. Leave without worries, because our parking lot benefits from 24/7 security, night vision cameras, fully lit and specialized security company. In addition, all vehicles using the Otopeni airport car park, Oviale, have automatically included car insurance against calamities and force majeure. When paying for parking online, we automatically offer a 10% discount.


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Why choose Oviale?

First of all, Oviale offers you the possibility to book a parking space online in advance, making the whole process of parking the car much easier, and you then go directly to the terminal. With online booking, you also benefit from a discount, so you can save and get the best price for the parking service. At the entrance to the car park, when you arrive in front of the barrier, all you have to do is approach the barrier and it will open. The parking barrier is automated and secure.

After you park your car in the Oviale car park in Otopeni, a company driver will pick you up and drive you to the terminal. When leaving the car park, when you arrive in the country, contact Oviale, and a driver will be waiting for you at the departure terminal and will transport you to the car park. Once you have reached your personal car, you can pay at the payment machine, if it has not been paid online. At the exit from Oviale, Otopeni airport parking , the barrier will be raised automatically.

Oviale offers smart parking services, so that our customers' experience is comfortable, light, friendly, intuitive and convenient. Our customers leave their car in complete safety, at Oviale, without any hassle, simple and fast, just a few steps away from the departure terminal. Oviale provides 350 parking spaces for customers and full safety for cars, being a smart car park that does not require human intervention to be functional. Access to and from the car park is automatic. Choose the parking Oviale, book online the parking space for your car, easy and convenient!

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City: Otopeni, County: Ilfov,
Postal code 075100



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